I use brand-new, one time use, sterile instruments. The same procedure for the circumcision that is used in the hospital, resulting in an expertly performed circumcision.
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Although this is the third “Dr. Blank Bris” I have attended, I have yet to give birth to a baby of my own! He really does a fantastic job. Dr. Blank is very organized and makes the service very personable for all of the guests. I can also tell that he truly enjoys working with the families.
- Greenwich, CT
My pediatrician was very happy with Dr. Blank’s work. I have already recommended him to my friends and family.
- Long Island, NY
We Skyped the Brit to my family in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. They each lit a candle there during the naming ceremony. It made this milestone even more beautiful and special. Thank you!
- New York City, NY
As soon as Dr. Blank arrived at our house, we instantly felt relieved. He was both compassionate and professional, answering all of our questions and making sure we were comfortable every step of the way. My wife and I were very satisfied.
- Westchester, NY
What a wonderful way to introduce Benjamin to our family! Thank you, Dr. Blank for such a beautiful service and certificate. We will remember this ceremony with fondness always.
- Rockland, NY
Dr. Blank was superb! I felt extremely comfortable with him medically, and he was very attentive to our family’s needs. He went over everything with us to make sure we were comfortable with the ceremony and gave us a complete guide of the aftercare for our reassurance. We would recommend him to anyone, and we can’t wait to hopefully use him again in the future.
- New York City, NY
My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Blank! After searching extensively for mohels in the NYC/Westchester area for our first-born-son-to-be, we came upon Dr. Blank. We only wanted an experienced, knowledgeable, and Jewish-guilt-free professional. My husband had made some calls to other mohels in that area, and we were kind of deterred by their (lack) of customer service. I mean, this is a BIG DECISION! We wanted to make the right choice for all of us. Dr. Blank was absolutely perfect! He was so patient with answering all of our questions, and his personal touches really made the process unique and special. My parents (and in-laws!!) could not have been happier about the ceremony and procedure. Thank you!!
- Westchester, NY

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