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Choosing a Hebrew name
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This is a ceremony during which the baby is given his or her Hebrew name. The chosen Hebrew name could be a name that sounds like the baby’s secular/English name, or one that begins with the same sound as the baby’s secular/English name. Often a Hebrew name is selected because the meaning of the word has significance to the family. Ashkenazi Jews (those of European ancestry) often select a name that commemorates a deceased relative of the baby in order to honor that person’s memory. Sephardic Jews (those of Spanish and Middle Eastern ancestry) often follow the custom of baby naming after living relatives. You could also simply choose your favorite Hebrew name!

During this ceremony, there is an opportunity for the parents of the new baby to explain their choice of name and its significance to them. Blessings are said acknowledging that the child has been entered into a brit, a covenant, with God. Blessings are also recited for the baby’s well-being. The traditional wish is offered – that this child may grow into a life of study of Torah, of loving relationships, and the performance of good deeds.

It would be my honor to help you choose a Hebrew name. It would also be my pleasure to perform a baby naming ceremony for your daughter, with a framed Naming Certificate.

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